Why use tags?

Whenever you see your customers using queries that are not in your index, but you feel like these queries should lead to a result: add a tag to this result. You can also use tags for your marketing.

Why use push words?

Push words are a basic way of saying: whenever a visitor types this word, put this result on top.

How to add tags to your Sooqr:
  1. In My Sooqr go to Improve > Tags
  2. Find the document or product you like to add this tag or push word to by typing in the name or id of this article or product.
  3. Now you can add 'push words' and 'tags'.
  4. Add as many tags or push words as you like by adding the word that is in your index in the first field and adding your synonyms in the fields behind it.
  5. Remember to save your settings.
Push words and tags will be refreshed during the next indexation of your data feed.