Ranking rules are our most powerful tool to optimise the results to the way you want it. Based on the fields you have you can promote or demote products.

Ranking rules are processed in order of ascending priority. When Sooqr finds a rule that matches, it stops processing other rules.

Rules can be triggered by specific queries, but also on filter values. You can specify a start and end date (and time) to trigger rules during specific periods. For example, rules that are only required during the holiday season.

Add a new ranking rule with the Add new rule-button on the top right of the page.

  • Name: make up your own name for a rule, but remember: keep it smart (and simple) so you can find it again, like 'Summer promotion 2016'.
  • Start date (optional): enter the date you like your rule to start
  • End date (optional): enter the date you like your rule to end
  • Trigger: Would you like to use this rule for ALL queries, or based on certain keywords or filters?
  • Boost factor: Enter the value of this rule, would you like to boost or demote the products that meet the trigger?
  • Query (only when 'trigger' is set to 'specific queries', optional): enter the query that visitors enter to activate this rule
  • Filter conditions (only when 'trigger' is set to 'specific queries', optional): Enter the filter and value that visitors click to enter this rule
  • Boost conditions: add one or more specifications of products that should be boosted or demoted (products where 'colour' is 'orange' or 'category' is 'accessories')