Google has got a new feature: the Sitelinks Search Box. If your site is number one in the ranking of Google, Google can show the new Sitelinks Search box. Looking something like this:

Many of our clients ask us: 'can we make this work with Sooqr as well'? Of course! :)

Setting up Sooqr with the Sitelinks Search Box

How to set your site up in order to get this search bar within Google: just read this information on Sitelinks Search Box from Google. If you've taken all the steps here make sure you or your developers add a little piece of code to your searchbar. All it has to do is add the 'q' (or whatever variable you use) as a 'value' to the searchbar. Looking something like this:

<input type="text" value="< YOUR q-VALUE>" name="Sooqrsearch" id="search" placeholder="Start searching..." />

That's it? Yes!