Did it happen to you that you added a new product to your website, but Sooqr didn't show it in its search results?
Even after you've gone through the steps described in our "reloading my data feed" article?
Then it could be that your CRON didn't update the XML data feed yet.

The CRON is a program that automatically updates the data feed with items from your shop. 
This data feed is then sent to Sooqr, which is how Sooqr knows what products your shop contains. 
This means that if the CRON didn't refresh your data feed, Sooqr has no way of knowing about the new article you added to the shop.

Please check with your webmaster / developer if the CRON for your shop is running as intended. 
If this is the case, and you're still not seeing your newly added products, please contact us