We often get the question whether it's possible to add both CMS content and product-content. Of course it is, there’s just a few things you need to keep in mind:
  • You can add the content to your product feed, but it’s easier to add a separate content feed.
  • Make sure your ID is unique, as the same counts for the product feed. It’s best to have a trailing text in front of the ID, for example content_623, instead of 623.
  • The naming of the fields should be the same as your product feed (ID, title, description, url, image).
  • Add a field 'content_type' to both your product feed and content feed, so you can base a filter on it.
    Your content feed should look something like this:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <rss xmlns:g="http://base.google.com/ns/1.0" xmlns:sqr="http://base.sooqr.com/ns/1.0" version="2.0">
           <title>Content feed</title>
           <pubDate>Wed, 23 Dec 2015 15:12:15 UTC</pubDate>
           <description>Content feed for Sooqr</description>
               <title>Conditions of return</title>
               <description><![CDATA[Please make sure the item is not visibly worn, damaged, marked in anyway with pen or grease, washed, smells of smoke, aftershave, perfume, deodorant or washing powder, or is any condition that we deem renders the item unsaleable. The customer is responsible for the item returning to us, please make sure you take adequate steps to ensure the security of the contents during transit back, we cannot be held responsible for exchange or refund if reasonable steps are not taken.All items must be returned with all relevant swing tags, labeling, branding and any accompanying marketing material specific to the item. This INCLUDES the outer box that the shoes come in. If the box is damaged it means the shoes cannot be resold to another customer, we don't have spare boxes.Occasionally we offer free items with your purchase. If you are returning your item for a refund any free item(s) must also be returned at the same time.]]></description>